Interstate Child Custody Proceedings

When a child is born to parents that reside in two different states, and those parents engage in a legal proceeding to control parental rights and custody of that child, there needs to be a determination as to which state will exercise jurisdiction over the case. Jurisdiction in this context means which state’s court system will make decisions regarding each parent’s parental...


The term “parental responsibility” in a Florida child custody proceeding pertains to a parent’s responsibility and rights to make decisions about their child(ren), including decisions regarding their child’s health, education, and wellbeing. Parental responsibility is a critical part of any child custody proceeding, including divorce and paternity actions. In fact, in all family cases, the court must enter or adopt a Parenting Plan that...


Effective July 1, 2023, Florida’s alimony reform law went into effect. There were many changes to the Florida alimony laws which we are unpacking for you in this post. First, permanent alimony is now abolished in Florida. This means that in a Florida divorce, a spouse can no longer request that the other party pay them alimony for an undefined period. Previously, in long-term marriages, the court had the authority to award permanent alimony...


Effective July 1, 2023, there will be a rebuttable legal presumption in favor of equal timesharing for both parents after divorce or separation. This means that there will be a starting point when determining custody and timesharing of children in Florida divorce. The Court will assume that equal time sharing is in the children’s best interests. This is a “rebuttable presumption” which means that a party who is not in favor of equal...

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This is a common question people face during a divorce or separation in Florida. If you’re in this situation, there are several important things to consider. First, if you have children, it is not ideal to move out of the home before there is a timesharing plan in place. If you move out before having a temporary or permanent parenting plan in place, then the other parent may limit your ability to spend time and overnights with the children in...

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Recently our divorce lawyers Boynton Beach legal team got together. There was one common thing that came popping up. This was a misconception that there must be someone at fault for divorce. Many people believe that one spouse needs to be at fault in order to file for a dissolution of marriage in Florida. Typically, adultery is a common reason for divorce, however, that only...

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The divorce lawyers Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County family law legal team recently discussed relocation issues during a divorce. Many people desire to relocate when facing divorce for various reasons. For some, the South Florida area proves too expensive to afford on one income. For others, they desire to live closer to family members to gain assistance caring for the children....

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This is one of the most common question our divorce lawyers Boynton Beach legal team receives during our FREE consultations. For many people facing divorce, they are fearful of the outcome. they are unsure whether or not they will have enough money to meet their monthly expenses after divorce. In Florida divorce,...

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Our divorce lawyers Boynton Beach legal professionals handle every client with compassion. We know this is a difficult time for you. This is one of the reasons we have come up with a pay one price option for marital divorce. Learn how our family law firm is trying to help you during this difficult time.

Traditional Per hour billing by Most Florida Family Law Firms and Divorce Lawyers


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Vette Law Divorce Lawyers Boynton Beach Explains What to Do When A Spouse is Hiding Money?

A common issue our divorce lawyers Boynton Beach team sees in contested divorces is spouse hiding income. Sometimes they are understating their income to gain an unfair advantage. Most often, this situation occurs when one party is self-employed. I highly recommend...


A common question asked when someone is facing divorce is whether or not they need to move out of the home. Typically, there is no requirement to do so. Assuming that both the husband and wife can continue to cohabitate amicably in the family home during the divorce, then there is no reason to move out of the home. In some situations, if the parties are hostile toward each other to the extent that it is determinantal to the children or unsafe...